Whether it's PAYG, Pre-Paid, or Monthly Subscription we can help...

Our pay as you go service starts from just £1 per minute, allowing you to access the services you need and get support from the team.  

We also provide the ability to pre-pay for support time credits, which can reduce the amount of invoices, and be a little more cost effective.  These typically last for 12 months too giving you real flexibility.

The other option which is ideal if you have three or more devices is to take out a support agreement with us.  These give you a fixed convienient monthly amount based on the number of devices that need us to support!


Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Tablets, and Peripherals...

We work with you to determine the best hardware for your business and source it for you from the worlds leading manufacturers. We understand the ranges available from the likes of Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco & Apple.  Providing Microsoft Surface, notebooks, servers, desktops and networking devices.

If you are working to a budget, we can find great value hardware that have been built to last with business in mind.  If you are more focused on functionality or style we can access the sexiest looking machines on the market.

If it's Apple Mac's you're after - not a problem, we work with both Windows and Macintosh, and once we've worked together to determine the right hardware for your needs, we can, if required, deliver, setup and install the devices.


The Cloud and Microsoft 365

We are proud to be a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. We have links to Microsoft for provisioning Microsoft 365, allowing us to set up, manage, support and bill Microsoft 365 services to for our customers.

Why get Microsoft Office 365 through Sterling Computer Solutions?
The Sterling team will look after you. The pricing is the same as buying directly with Microsoft and you can pick up the phone and speak to someone.

If required, we can provide expert support from our experienced, UK based, team of experts.  We also know that organisations and businesses don't always have a credit or debit card handy.  No fear, we can take payment for Microsoft 365 via Direct Debit. We also support Visa and Mastercard payments!


Web & Email Hosting, and Domains...

Working with our industry leading partner, we can do all the simple, yet vital things too including Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting including Wordpress and Email Hosting.

As with all of our services, Customer Service is always at the heart get in touch to discuss your requirements and we'll call you back for a chat.

We can also take care of simple web editing or even manage your social media for you, giving you valuable time back for you to spend on assisting your current clients!